Sindhupalchowk District

In 2017/18, Namlo International will build a secondary school in Banskhara, Sindhupalchowk. Sindupalchowk was the hardest hit district of the 2015 earthquake. In the village of Banskhara, all homes were destroyed.

Bagmati Zone Demographics: 35% Hill Janajati, 18% Chhetri, 16% Bahun, 15% Newar, 7% Hill Dalit, 3% Terai Middle Castes, 3% Terai Janjati, 2% Muslim, 1% Terai Dalit

According to 2011 census, the total population of Sindhupalchowk is 285,770 people residing in 66,635 households


Sindhupalchowk is an agricultural district, as 79% of the population is active in this sector. Subsistence agriculture farming, mainly small-scale livestock is the main occupation. Due to a low level of agricultural production, the majority of the households face food shortages for a large part of the year.

Namlo previous and ongoing projects:

Previous and other ongoing projects in Sindhupalchowk district include the construction of a co-op in Dhuskun for income generation programs. The programs in the co-op include the goat-keeping project with 55 members, tailoring lessons, ginger cultivation, coffee production, a greenhouse project, and signing and dancing classes. This co-op has proven to be economically self-sufficient.