Women’s Empowerment

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Women in developing countries are renowned for their strength. Every day, they spend hours collecting water, firewood, cooking, cleaning, raising their children, caring for their families, and ensuring their families survive. Despite their strength, women frequently do not occupy a strong position in their societies, either in terms of decision-making, access to resources, education, or even control over their own lives. Namlo works to strengthen women at the village level, offering adult literacy classes, entrepreneurship opportunities, and the chance to be involved in leadership roles in their schools, communities and in their own homes.

Our programs that help to empower women include:

  • The Sabhung Women’s Microenterprise CooperativeThe Sabhung Women’s Microenterprise Cooperative of Tanahu District was established to be a catalyst for economic change in Sabhung Nepal, and focus on the economic empowerment of women. The Cooperative is comprised of three components, including a weaving group, sewing group and microloan facility.  Currently, there are thirty-five members with the center.

    The weaving group produces the beautiful textiles, and dhaka scarves that are sold by Namlo International.  To work towards achieving economic sustainability, the women’s cooperative members are now also seeking local markets and opportunities to sell their products in Nepal.

  • The Dhuskun Women’s CooperativeThe Dhuskun Women’s Cooperative of Sindhupalchowk District was formed to provide economic opportunity for women, as well as service as a business incubator the the Dhuskun community, regardless of gender.  The women’s cooperative constructed their business center in 2014.  The center is comprised of offices and training rooms for the cooperative.  In 2015, it will also house a veterinary para-professional who will be provided services to the thirty five women who are participating in Namlo International’s livestock program.  The Dhuskun Women’s Cooperative played  a significant role in providing emergency relief supplies to some 500 people displaced by a landslide in nearby Mankha village development committee.


  • Adult Literacy and Cooperative training for women was included as part of the formulation of the two Women’s Cooperatives in both Sabhung and Dhuskun.  Both women’s groups also undertook cooperative training in order to be certified as fully functioning cooperatives in Nepal.


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