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Namlo believes that education is the cornerstone of personal development, opportunity and achievement. Education approaches Namlo has implemented include:

Teacher Training
Adult Literacy
School Improvement
School Construction
Scholarship Programs



Namlo provides academic scholarships to some of the top Nepali students from our communities, giving them the chance to improve their own lives, and then give back to their villages. We support some of the brightest students in the government schools, providing supplies, uniforms, and tutoring on a case by case basis. High-achieving students compete for scholarships to a private English boarding school, and we even support some of our young scholars beyond high school, as they move on to college programs in Kathmandu.

All students give back to their community, through tutoring, mentoring, and assisting the in-country coordinator with Namlo’s programs. The high school and college students return to their villages to teach younger students during their summer vacation, and many have expressed an interest in continuing to help after they complete their studies.

Students who might not have completed primary school are now proudly attending some of the best schools in Nepal, and dreaming of careers in medicine, agriculture, nursing, business, and engineering.

These accomplishments and ambitions are the result of the generosity of Namlo donors.

How you can help with these programs:

Donate: We seek contributions so that the scholarship program can be expanded to all of our communities and allow students to have an opportunity for a top notch eductaion beyond their village school.

Volunteer: Tutor our scholarship students in English [currently in Nepal only]. Contact us for dates and costs.

Donate as a Sister school: Classes or entire schools in our sister school program sometimes choose to raise the funds for a scholarship donation. [See Sister Schools]



Since Namlo began the scholarship program in 2004, over 25 students from our communities have been given the gift of a quality education. One of our scholars became the first girl from her village to finish high school, thanks to support from the scholarship program. In 2011 three of our scholarship students finished in Distinction – the highest achievable score .

Yarmasing scholarship students who have received stipends to continue their studies in government schools.


If you are interested in establishing a direct relationship between your school and a school in either Nepal or Nicaragua, for the purposes of fostering global understanding, becoming directly involved in supporting education in a developing country, or just wanting to have fun learning about a new culture, have a look at our Sister School Manual, which can show you how to build a partnership with a Namlo School.

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