Make an Impact

Are you looking for a way to get really involved?  Would you like to have a chance to get your hands dirty, at the same time learn about a different culture, learn how people think, what they believe, and how they live?  We consider it vital that people in the U.S., Europe and other developed countries learn about conditions, challenges and opportunities in developing countries, especially since our worlds and lifestyles are so intertwined, and have such an influence on each other.  If you would like to take up this challenge, and get directly involved in development work, come and travel with Namlo.  We organize trips to Nepal and Nicaragua for individuals, groups and families so they can visit the communities, stay with the families and work on the projects that are part of the community/Namlo partnership.

  Past volunteer trips have focused on:

  school construction
  agriculture and greenhouse construction
  teaching English to non-English speakers (both students and teachers)
  teaching weaving, knitting and textile dying with natural plants
  health and sanitation
  school administration and management
  computer training


We can also make use of your skills in our head office in Denver, and are always interested in finding new talent and people who are interested in serving as interns or volunteers. If you have a skill, we’ll help you find an opportunity to use it.  If you are interested in learning a new one, we can help with that too!