55 to Thrive for Education

Students at school just after the earthquake in a damaged school. The walls have crumbled and there is rubble surrounding them.

Namlo International envisions a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive in their own homes and communities. To this end, Namlo builds long-term partnerships with vulnerable communities to support them in developing sustainable solutions to improve their educational, economic, and nutritional well-being.

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After the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, damage to infrastructure was devastating, with over 26,000 classrooms destroyed, including classrooms in our partner communities. Looking ahead, in 2018, Namlo has the opportunity to build two new, safer, and earthquake resistant schools in partnership with two vibrant communities in Arunodaya and in Sindhupalchowk. Namlo believes that it takes a community to support a community. These two schools will replace the two schools in our partner communities that have left 500 children without a classroom. The reconstruction efforts in Nepal have been slow and families and children have had to endure. Namlo, with your support, can help bring stability back to the lives of 500 children by rebuilding these two schools that will provide the students with a safe location to resume their regular studies.

The 55 to Thrive campaign is a one-time, limited opportunity campaign looking for 55 people or families to partner with these communities through a single donation of $2,000. Together, this will raise the necessary $110,000 for the construction of both schools. Every single dollar of the 55 to Thrive campaign will go directly to the construction of two schools in Nepal.

As a member of the 55 to Thrive campaign, you will have your name etched on the school plaques, receive exclusive updates on the construction, be recognized on Namlo’s website and at Namlo’s annual event.  And most importantly, you will be part of a community that made a new school possible for the 500 students that have the potential to become teachers, doctors, engineers, nurses, lawyers, environmental scientists, business leaders, and more.

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If you would like to learn more about the communities, the schools, and the impact you will have, please contact Lorena Garcia at 303-399-3649 or email her at lgarcia@namlo.org.

Thank you to our current members of 55 to Thrive:

Gene Dionne

Lorena Garcia

Martha Karnopp and James Chaputt

Hailey Kiefer

Tammy Laushey

Lisa Marie Maine

Rob McGough

Jan Mueller

Miriam Peña

Monty Reagan

Patty Theil

Pat and Susan Walker