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happy volunteersAt Namlo, our mission is partly based on recognizing that development is a two-way street.  Helping people in developed countries get the opportunity to learn about challenges in  developing countries is a major step in promoting  sustainable development and world peace.  Accordingly, we want to provide a variety of ways to help you get involved, play your part in development, and contribute to the benefit of others.

Here are some opportunities to consider:

Travel, visit and volunteer in Namlo International’s communities in Nepal and Nicaragua, and have fun doing it!  See our “Volunteer” page.

Donate your expertise, your time, your skills and enthusiasm by getting involved in our programs. We’re looking for people with a range of backgrounds including business, sales, e-commerce, marketing, social media, website management, fundraising, and administration

  • Construction:  Help raise funds for the building of a school or community center, volunteer (or help family members, co-workers or staff) to help construct the center, help with quality control on designs, form an association of builders to help support schools and community centers
  • Education: help design and conduct school assessments, review educational programs, help teach in a school, organize sister-school partnerships, travel and visit our schools to help with knowledge transfer of teaching techniques, teach English to teachers, fundraise for classroom materials & equipment
  • Agriculture: help establish farmer-to-farmer programs, design market assessments/studies, travel to our communities to look at existing practices and ways to improve
  • Environment:  visit our communities and help them with cleanups to understand the need for a clean environment
  • Administration/Management/Finance/Business: Help review current practices, offer suggestions for improvement, travel to our country programs and help set up admin/management procedures. Serve on our board as Treasurer, help draft business plan both here in the U.S. and overseas

General: help with fundraisers, outreach and promotion, tabling booths at fairs, travel to our countries and help build classrooms, do surveys, conversational English, office work, promote and sell products & services, sponsor a scholarship student

Help identify business partners, business opportunities, retail opportunities

Host a “Party with a Purpose” to help sell Namlo handicrafts made by our women’s cooperatives

Donate money to Namlo for our schools, community centers, and agriculture programs.  It’s probably the easiest, quickest, most effective way of supporting our programs.

Promote Namlo International by sharing our information with friends, families, other organizations and government officials

Buy a Dhaka scarf or pashmina to directly support the Sabhung weavers Cooperative!


If you are interested in helping thousands of Nicaraguans and Nepalese who struggle under grinding poverty, please consider naming Namlo as a beneficiary in your will. With a legacy gift, your kindness and good deeds live on.  Designating a portion of your estate to Namlo means your wish to improve the quality of life of people in Nepal and Nicaragua will continue in the future.  Legacy gifts include naming Namlo to receive a bequest from your will or living trust, or by naming Namlo International as a beneficiary of your retirement account, savings account, or life insurance policy.

PLEASE NOTE:  Namlo International does not offer financial and/or legal advice. We do urge you to consult your accountant, attorney, and/or financial advisors regarding the best ways to contribute to Namlo International with your assets.

Visit and choose Namlo International as your designated charity. Then, shop through Amazon and a portion of your order will go to support our programs!  And if this isn’t enough, contact us at 303-399-3649 for more ideas!