More Supporters

Mr. Vivek Mishra is a textile expert in Kathmandu who has played a mentoring role with the Sabhung Women’s Cooperative.  He built the looms, taught the women how to weave, and serves as their advisor.  He is also on the board of Namlo Nepal.  He produces award-winning pashminas and other textiles.

International received a very generous donation from Developing Hands, of Boulder, Colorado, to construct a new school building in Mankha, Nepal.  This project will enable Namlo to start to work with community leaders in Mankha which, over time, will help them achieve their vision for a thriving, sustainable community.  The community of Mankha will also be donating cash, materials, labor and their own leadership as co-managers of the project.

Developing Hands has donated an initial $23,356 for the initial phase of the project, which will cover the cost of logistics, materials, technical services, and management of the project, which will be supervised by the Namlo Nepal coordinator, community members and Namlo International.

We would also like to thank Kimberly Mitiska for her time and talent in photography.  She took all the pictures of the dhaka scarves on our Etsy Site.  Have a look at her website!