Collaborators and Partners

As a an organization with a strong grass-roots orientation, Namlo depends on partners and collaborators to implement it’s work.  Historically, Namlo has collaborated with a host of organizations including Familias Unidas (Nicaragua), Rotary International, Engineers Without Borders, Agua Para La Vida and others.

sabhung water project vistaIn Nepal, Namlo has had a strong relationship with Engineers Without Borders to build a water system in Sabhung to bring 20,000 liters of drinking water a day almost 1,000 vertical feet to 120 households.  Donations from EWB and the Jordan Foundation totalled over $60,000 for this project.

In Nicaragua, Namlo coordinated the development of a water system for Barrio Nuevo with funding from Rotary International, and implementation provided by Agua Para La Vida.

In Nicaragua, Namlo has partnered with Rotary International and Agua Para La Vida to implement a water project in the village of Barrio Nuevo, bringing water over 8 kilometers to 200 people.  In 2015, Namlo partnered with the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN) to implement a nutrition survey in its communities.  Namlo intends to work with UNAN in the future to conduct nutrition outreach and training in communities where families are using the organic greenhouse.

In Denver, Namlo collaborates with the Women’s Partnership Marketplace, who are selling dhakas on our behalf in area craft fairs.