Tanahun District

In 2017/18, Namlo International will build Shree Raghu Secondary School, and Shree Arunodaya Secondary School.

Gandaki Zone Ethnic Demographics: 35% Hill Janajati, 20% Bahun, 15% Chhetri, 15% Hill Dalit, 5% Newar, 5% Terai Middle Castes, 3% Terai Dalit, 2% Muslim.

Tanahun District is within the Gandaki Zone, and has a population of 323,288 according to the 2011 census. In Tanahun, there are 46 villages (VDC’s). One VDC is Arunodaya, a village of approximately 5,000 residents living in 1,098 individual households.

Economy: Tanahun is an agriculture district. Most of the residents are so-called “lower caste” and survive on less than $2/day.

Namlo in Tanahun:

In 2014, Namlo completed the construction of Khamdenu School in Tanahu district of Nepal that served a student population of 351. The devastating earthquakes of 2015 destroyed the school.

In 2010, Namlo International, in partnership with Namlo Nepal, implemented a successful Adult Education and Vocational Training in Sabhung. The adult literacy component of the project impacted 624 community members, and 402 community members benefitted from the vocational training. 34 of the women in the vocational training project decided to form a Womens Sewing Cooperative, which continues to be supported by Namlo.