Who We Are

Want to know a little bit about who we are?


Lorena Garcia                                                Executive Director

Lorena Garcia Lorena has successfully led organizations in Colorado and Wyoming expanding and increasing the impacts of each organization’s missions for the past 10 years. She is a highly strategic leader that is constantly looking forward. She is a skilled manager, communicator, fundraiser and dedicated community organizer. Lorena’s background includes, leadership development in marginalized communities, education, women’s equality, and advancing policies that provide for greater access to resources for marginalized communities. She has worked on policies that address wage theft, fair pay, LGBTQ discrimination, immigrant rights, and increased access to information and resources for women’s reproductive and sexual health. She also led the effort in Colorado to strengthen the states sexual health education standards, and played a key role in eliminating the shackling of pregnant and laboring inmates. Lorena led the coalition that passed Colorado’s first ever parental leave act, allowing Colorado parents to take time off work to attend academic related activities. Lorena received her BA in film studies from the University of Colorado and believes that film is the greatest means to educate the masses about social inequity and justice. She is currently receiving her MBA in international business at the George Washington University and is excited to use her skills and knowledge to advance the mission of Namlo. She currently serves on the board of directors for Elephant Circle, a national reproductive justice organization.


Hailey Kiefer



Program & Administrative Coordinator

Hailey Kiefer graduated from University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire in 2015 with a degree in Political Science and Geography. During her undergrad, Hailey fundraised and organized for groups like Human Trafficking Abolitionists, Liberty in North Korea, and the UWEC College Feminists. After graduation, she worked as a lead campaign organizer for the LGBTQ civil rights group, the Human Rights Campaign. Now, working for Namlo International, she can use her organizational and fundraising strengths to promote international development goals she cares about, like women’s empowerment and sustainable community development. She is excited to work with Namlo because Namlo is dedicated to partnering with community leaders to transform communities, while respecting local autonomy.


Dipendra Joshi


Country Director – Nepal

Mr. Joshi was born in an extremely remote village of Baitadi district, in the far western region of Nepal, and was educated in Kumaun University, India. He has a Master’s degree in Sociology and also gained technical expertise in Junior Agriculture Technician. He has a decade long history of working with USAID, Helen Keller International Nepal and CECI International Nepal. His expertise is in community development, micro-entrepreneurship and team building.

Apsara Dhital                                          Administrative and Finance Officer – Nepal

 Apsara Dhital (1) Ms. Dhital is from Rasuwa district in Nepal and has completed her bachelor’s degree in business from Tribhuwan University (Kalika Himalayan College, Rasuwa). She has six years of experience working with various cooperatives and non- profit organisations in the capacity of accountant/ admin and finance assistant. She is skilled in financial reporting, filing, and taxation. She has been working with Namlo International and the DSCBD team since 2016.

Mahadev Bhatt

Mahadev Bhatt (1)

Program Coordinator

Mr. Bhatt is from Kanchanpur district and has completed his master’s degree in sociology from Kumaun University, India. He has nine years of experience working with various non – profits in the capacity of community mobilizer, program coordinator and district coordinator. He is skilled in community mobilization that will lend greatly to supporting the community based approach Namlo International employs. Mr. Bhatt joined Namlo International/DSCBD team in 2016.

Kedar Nath Dahal

Kedar Nath Dahal (1)

Program Coordinator

Mr. Dahal is from Morang district and has completed his MSc degree in International business management from De Montfort University, UK. He has six years of experience working in various companies as a marketing officer and accountant. He has also previously worked with Namlo International/ Namlo Nepal. He is skilled in report writing, assessment and market analysis.

Kailash Pandey

Kailash Pandey (1)



Subhash Pant

Subhash Pant (1)



Engineer – Nepal

Mr. Pandey has completed his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Pokhara University. He has worked as a consultant joined Namlo International/DSCBD team in December of 2016.









Agriculture Field Coordinator – Nepal

Mr. Pant has completed his technical coursework in livestock and animal health from the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (Krishna higher secondary school, Kanchanpur). He has worked with District livestock Service Office, Kailali prior to joining the Namlo International/DSCBD team.

Eveling Giomar Lanuza Morales

 Country Director – Nicaragua


Eveling photo Eveling is a Nicaraguan national who joined the Namlo International team as the Project Coordinator and after 2 years has been promoted to serve as the country director. Eveling’s background is in monitoring and evaluation and program management. Eveling received her degree from the UNAN (National Autonomous University of Nicaragua) in Environmental Science. Additionally, she has continued her training in the area of sustainable agriculture through a number of certifications and workshops including GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and Organic Farming Techniques from FAREM (Regional Dept. of Multi-disciplinary Studies-Estelí). Eveling is certified in Bio-Intensive Farming techniques by BioNica-Nicaragua.

Before joining Namlo International, Eveling worked at the Nicaraguan Ministry for Environment and Natural resources (MARENA). Her position there included the inspection and reporting on the tobacco industry and it’s affect on the environment as well as the monitoring of the national environmentally-protected area of Miraflor. Eveling’s role in the organization is to direct the program in Nicaragua in partnership with the local communities.

Vicente Velasquez Arauz

43 Las Palmas Pepper Farm - Vicente

 Agriculture Coordinator – Nicaragua

Vicente was born in 1945 which meant the many years that spanned the Sandinista Revolution and the Contra counter-revolution consumed a large part of his early adult life. Vicente grew up in a rural farming community but like many men his age left to fight in the revolution in the hopes of a better life for he and his family. While the revolution didn’t bring about the economic improvements he and many others hoped for, he found a way to pursue a study in Agricultural Engineering. Between the experience of growing up as a farmer and his advanced studies Vicente developed a career as an an agricultural field technician working with several local development NGO’s.

The Greenhouse Project was born out of a related project that Vicente brought to ACI after his position at the UNFAO Food Security Program was discontinued due to his age. He was 60 years old. Vicente was the first staff full-time staff member at ACI and has provided assistance to hundreds of farmers during his nearly ten years with ACI. Vicente has always promoted organic and sustainable farming and has developed several approaches using only naturally and locally available materials which require no monetary investment to produce organic fertilizers and pesticides. Vicente has helped combat the many insects and infestations that plague small hold farmers with non-chemical solutions and has worked to rejuvenate previously depleted soils in order to improve the output and quality of production of vegetables, fruits and basic grains for small hold farmers. What makes Vicente irreplaceable is that so many of his techniques have been developed from personal experience as he continues to cultivate crops on his own land in rural Nicaragua. His age and experience are well respected in the Namlo International communities and like Rosario, the people of the communities receive him as one of their own.