Namlo International In Nepal

Namlo has trusted and relied upon our implementing partner, DSCBD, in Nepal to implement and oversee all of the projects. We are so fortune to have such an experienced and effective parter in development.

Dedicated Society for Broad Development (DSCBD)

Dedicated Society for Broad Development (DSCBD) is not profitable, non- political, and non -religious NGO registered in District Administrative office Baitadi on dated August 11, 2015 and Social Welfare Council in Kathmandu on dated December 15, 2015 to work for rural development in Nepal.


  1. Organize awareness program in rural communities.
  2. Implementation of education related programs in Nepal.
  3. Implementation of training, orientation programs for capacity building of community members.
  4. Implementation of income generation programs to reduce poverty level.
  5. Community development programs by using local resources.
  6. Raise fund from national and international donors and implement health related programs in the communities.
  7. Implementation of agricultural, livestock and other programs for income generation.

Board member of the organization:

  • Nand Raj Pandey: He is Board Chair of the organization. He was a retired from police department of Nepal government. After his retirement he is involving in social activities. He has 10 years’ experience on leading agriculture and saving cooperative and social clubs in the district. He has good experience on coordination/ motivation part and has interest is to involve himself in social work.
  • Gauri Pandey: She is Vice- Chair of the organization. She has worked under Canadian project (CECI- SAHAKARYA), and CEPREAD as Social Mobilizer. She has 5 years’ experience in community development.
  • Geeta Pandey: She is Secretary of the organization. She is very active women. She has 8 years’ experience on community mobilization, development and vegetable production. Now she is involving on agricultural cooperative and also busy on production of vegetables. She has good knowledge and experience on greenhouse.
  • Deepak Bhatt: He is Treasurer of the organization. He is working at agriculture cooperative and has 2 years’ experience on community mobilization.
  • Prakash Pandey: He is board member of the organization and passed Master degree in Education. He is a teacher in secondary level school and is producing vegetables both in an open space and in plastic house. He is also active to do social works.
  • Saraswoti Bhatta: She is board member of the organization. She is involving in women groups and has experience on saving and credit.
  • Gauri Ram Luhar: He is board member. Now he is also involving in cooperatives and vegetable production. He is from lower caste group (Dalit).

Advisory Committee:

  1. Gopal Pandey- Advocate
  2. Suman Devkota- Finance expert (CA) 

Reporting Chain:

All reports will be collected by Executive Director of DSCBD and send to Donors, Board and Project Management Committee as well as information from donors will be delivered by Executive Director to all parties of DSCBD.