Educate • Develop • Empower


Namlo envisions a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive in their own homes and communities.


Namlo builds long-term partnerships with vulnerable communities to support them in developing sustainable solutions that lead to greater educational, economic, and nutritional well-being.


What does Namlo mean?

A namlo is a flat piece of woven rope that supports the weight of heavy loads. The Nepali people wear it over the forehead to help steady and support the weight of the load they carry on their backs.

A woman using a Namlo

A woman using a Namlo

Namlo International strives to support the weight of the loads in life. We do this by partnering with communities to bring education, economic opportunity, and nutritional well-being to remote areas of the world. Through the development of sustainable solutions, individuals and communities will be able to live self-sufficient lives.

Our approach is broad-based and long-term. We build leadership and capacity in communities so they may form their own vision for the future- and acquire the tools to achieve it.

We work in three areas:

Education: All children deserve access to a good education. Namlo believes that education is foundational to human development. Education has a ripple effect with benefits in health, economic development, and poverty reduction. To this end, Namlo supports school construction, and provides scholarships and school materials for students. 

Economic Opportunity:  All people deserve the opportunity to earn an income that supports themselves and their families for the betterment of the community. Therefore, Namlo supports three women’s cooperatives and provides vocational training. Namlo also supports individuals and communities identify and develop small businesses.  

Health and Nutrition: Good health through adequate nutrition is a basic human right all people should have access too including, water, and good hygiene. Namlo educates communities on nutrition and organic agriculture. Many communities also benefit from the support Namlo provides in developing clean water systems. Furthermore, Namlo also works with communities to improve their latrines to be safer and private.