Kumari Gurung – Namlo Dhaka Weaver

Kumari Gurun - Dhaka Weaver

Kumari Gurun – Dhaka Weaver

Namlo Dhaka Weaver Kumari Gurung:

My name is Kumari Gurung. I live in Sabhung Bhagawatipur VDC, Ward no. 8 lower Archalkot, Gurung village. We are 7 members in our family including my husband and my parents. My husband is now in Malaysia to earn money since 3 years. I have 3 daughters (twins and one single) and they study in 7 class and younger one is now in 6 class at nearby Hill point boarding school. We live in a small house at village. School fee is very expensive as we have to pay 3600NPR for 3 daughters monthly. My father worked a as a helper at the same school so it is somehow easy to pay fees. We have 2 buffalos, 15 goats, and started group pig farming at village. My daughters are too young but they help me for collecting water from the tap in the morning and also for cooking. We don’t have a paddy field so we have to buy rice for a whole year. We are still struggling to make a better life for future.

Having interest to weave dhaka, I was unable to manage my time to get trained to weave dhaka at the time of its arrival to Sabhung because my daughters were too young. T’s only possible since 2 years I manage time to get trained me at Dhaka. My neighbor friend (Hemkala Thapa) trained me to weave Dhaka for 6 months and then after I am regular to Dhaka center to weave different Designs of Dhaka Shawls with Cotton and Silk threads. I am very happy now that I myself make money by weaving Dhaka which is really very helpful to fulfill my daughters educational materials and also sometime I manage to buy kitchen necessities with the money earned from weaving Dhaka shawls.

I managed my time to go Dhaka during the daytime at the community building and I spend sometime 6 hours a day and sometime 4 hours a day for weaving. Dhaka (weaving) makes myself independent & confident and able to save a little money monthly at the Cooperative organization from the money that I earned from Dhaka weaving.

Dhaka weaving

Dhaka weaving

I enjoy with my other friends at weaving center and we discuss the various designs to weave. I am also involved in cooperative and attend the monthly meetings. It is also helpful for me to understand the transactions made in cooperative.

I am very much thankful for Namlo for providing the home-based employment for me. We have started a cooperative organization with the help & continuous support from Namlo. I am very happy that I am now a member of the cooperative & I have learned many things after the co-op started. I am happy to have skills from which I can earn money myself and also happy that I am involve in other income-generating works.

I want to give big thanks to Namlo for the continuous support & help for the people of Sabhung. In future I am expecting to get many skill development trainings from Namlo.

Thank you

Kumari Gurung

Archalkot, Sabhung VDC,