One year after the Nepal Earthquake

A current account from a survivor of the Nepal Earthquake – one year later…
“I am Padam Bahadur Rishal living in Dhuskun VDC ward no. 1. We have 6 members in our family. We are in great pain caused by the Earthquake. My Daughter in law was killed by the earthquake leaving 6 month baby girl with us. Our house was fully destroyed by the quake. My daughter in law was killed in the bus buried by the slide after quake and we could not visit to see her dead body due to the road blockade and I cannot explain the pain we feel at that time.
 Collection of pots and pans after earthquake
Namlo was organizing many awareness programs and income generating programs since before the Earthquake. The organization was doing many works in Dhuskun VDC and in our community including school building, goat keeping support, vegetable farming and relief support to Jure landslide victims and scholarships to economically poor students in Dhuskun.  After the Earth quake Namlo supported (provided) GI Sheets to every household in Dhuskun for temporary shelters and health material in some of the wards in VDC. So I would like to express my heart full thanks to Namlo.  All the community is expecting  more help from Namlo. We get an opportunity to welcome National & International Guests in Inauguration program of Community Building in Dhuskun and now we would like to have irrigation in Dhuskun, through joint investment of Community & Namlo. And another our government is providing little help for reconstruction of house but it is impossible to make the house with that help so we have big expectation that Namlo will also support us in reconstruction of house.  Finally I personally & on behalf of the community would like to thank Ashis Regmi Sir & Hira Maya Tamang miss for working day & night in the community. I would like to express my warm wishes to all the past & present friends of Namlo & I wish much more progress of the organization in future.”