In their own words: Principal of Khamdenu Thanks Namlo

Shree Kamdhenu Secondary School.

From the past to date

A story of Success

Khamdenu Principal, Bal Bahadure Thapa

Khamdenu Principal, Bal Bahadure Thapa

With the advent of democracy, by considering the necessity and importance of education among the people, in the active initiation of social worker and education lover Mr. Padam Shing Thapa, Teacher Mr. Hari Kumar Shrestha and other Guardians of village Shree Kamdhenu School was established in 1965 AD and has passed the successful journey of 5 decades by facing several ups and downs.

Establishing the school in an accessible and a dense populated area was really a remarkable task. Though this school was established in 1965, it received permission to run Class One only in 1973 AD. This school was running only by the active role of 6 permanent teachers and 1 woman teacher in the initial phase, but later on, from the incomparable effort of Teachers, guardians, school management committee and all other well-wishers, this school received permission to run class up to 6 in 1999, up to 7 in 2000 and up to class 8 in 2001.

Unfortunately, according to the terms and condition in the time of receiving permission, this school did not get substantial numbers of government teachers from the District Education Office. The number of students was increasing day-by-day, but the scarcity of teachers had created a huge problem. Because of the poor financial condition of school, [the school] was not able to manage more teachers. According to the decision made by local youth club, other local organizations and all the ward dwellers, some public land was sold and money was collected.

A 10 room building established in around 1988/1989 was already weak. Because of poor physical infrastructure of school it was very difficult to impart quality education to the students. So to run classes smoothly in peaceful environment, well-managed and safely, a new 4 room building had been demanded to District Education Office, but unfortunately we failed to receive that project. Though 2 rooms building and ladies toilet was established from the program “School Sector Reformation”(SSR), it did not solve the problem of scarcity of class rooms. To solve the scarcity of classrooms, we requested several agencies but we received nothing.

Meanwhile fortunately we, the school family of Kamdhenu School, got opportunity to contact Namlo Nepal which was assisting financially in construction of School building in Saraswati Secondary School in Next ward of same VDC. From the request of school family in the time of supervising the physical infrastructures, they found students were studying in rooms where water prevailed on the floor of class room. They found very miserable condition of classroom as well school. And representatives from Namlo Nepal realized the pathetic condition of school and showed commitment to help in constructing new building.

Then later, in the presence of District Education Office of Tanahun an agreement was made between Namlo Nepal and school family in 2070 BS that 4 rooms building to be constructed in school premises within 1 year. According to that agreement in the financial support of Namlo Nepal, the school building has already been constructed in school premise.

Because of the availability of the sufficient light and well-ventilated classrooms these days classes are running properly and smoothly. The sound infrastructure has been helping to solve the problems of scarcity of classrooms, and school is moving ahead in the path of quality education. A favorable environment has been created so students are pursuing quality education without any difficulties. In the absence of proper building we were unable to conduct the class of 9. But as soon as we established the new building from the financial support of Namlo International, our school got permission to run classes of Secondary level, for that we are always indebted to Namlo Nepal.

Gradually other physical facilities are also managing by school. After the establishment of new building, our school has also added computer classes as new subject. Construction of new building has been so beneficial to students, school family and people of community as well. Locally available means and resources have been utilized optimally. Mutual cooperation and helpfulness have been set up among the people of community. After running of class 9 now, students don’t have to go far for further studies and school is in the expedition of producing first SLC batch in the year 2073 B.S., 363 students were in the academic session 2071 now the number of students have been increased and reached up to 373 in the academic session 2072. For this specific contribution and assistance whole school family, Guardian and all the community people want to express our heartily thankfulness and aspire to get such kind of continues support in upcoming days.


Mr. Bal Bahadur Thapa

Head Master

Shree Kamdhenu Secondary School

Sabhung Bhagawatipur 6 Tanahun