In Their Own Words: The Impact of Water

Hemkala Thapa

My name is Hemkala Thapa. I have been residing permanently in Sabhung Bhagawatipur VDC, Ward no. 8 Archalkot. We are four members in our family including my husband two daughters and me. Because of the poor financial condition of my family, my husband had to go for foreign employment, and then I had to bear all responsibilities of my family including performing household activities, caring of my daughters, paying attention towards their studies, and being involved in agricultural activities.

To run family properly money was essential and for this task I had to engage in some income-generating program. Fortunately I got opportunity to engage in the Dhaka weaving center in the Community Building of Sabhung which was established in the financial and technical support of Namlo Nepal. To accomplish all my tasks, I had to spend my time from daybreak to till night.

The most striking problem was to fetch water. For daily use, I needed at least 8 pots of wate, but to fetch one pot of water at least I had to stay in queue for an hour.  So I had to spend most of the time of a day to fetch water. I could not fetch all the required water by myself, and  that’s why my school-going daughters were also compelled to be involved in fetching water in morning and evening time.  Because of that, their study was deteriorating day by day. They could not be regularly in school. They could not grasp their study. Their future was being worse day-by-day.

Meanwhile, in the time of the construction of a new community building by Namlo Nepal, we, the residents of Archalkot, clarified the problem of drinking water and requested them (Namlo) for the supplying of water. And then Namlo Nepal took our request positively and discussed about the source of water, but the proper source was not identified so the people of Archalkot became into despair. After sometime, Namlo Nepal again came back with some foreign Engineers (Engineers Without Borders) and after some observation and inspection, they revealed the idea of a new water source which was around 1 km down in rivulet. They said that the source could be used,  and water could be brought up to our village. But none of us believed them.

But when work started we became optimistic and happiness prevailed on the faces of our villagers. We all jointly worked voluntarily by avoiding our household works till the accomplishment of project. We succeeded to pull water up to village. Happiness seemed no bound. Now I became able to use ¾ times of fetching water and in that time I got opportunity to weave Dhaka and involve in other income-generating works.

To our dismay, unfortunately, my husband met an accident in abroad and job and his company sent him back to Nepal. Now, by being physically disabled, my husband stays at home.  Now I wonder how I could mange to do everything if I had to bring water from so far and do some income-generating work. Now because of the availability of the drinking water in our vicinity I became able to engage in Dhaka weaving and other in income generating work like pig rearing.  From my income  I became able to run my family properly, managing health expenses and teaching learning activities to my daughters. Now my daughters don’t have to waste their time in fetching water; rather they have got opportunity to study in that time. Like me, almost all families of our village also have used their time and got an opportunity to engage in other income-generating works. The unbelievable and unapproachable task of bringing water up to the village was made possible by Namlo, and they fulfilled our dream of increasing the availability of drinking water by setting up 7 taps in our village. So we are really grateful and acknowledged to Namlo Nepal and request to Namlo Nepal to assist us in the days to come.

Hemkala Thapa