In their own words: Hiramaya Tamang

The day of fear in my life

Hiramay Tamang

Hiramay Tamang

The day of April 25, when the earthquake has destroyed many Nepalese people, their residence and naturally beautiful geographical structures had been destroyed, I will never forget. On that day, in the course of some work, I was very far from my home in Dhuskun V.D.C of Sindhupalchok district.   On that day we were supposed to conduct workshop or meeting regarding the basic knowledge for the coffee plantation among the women group associated with Kshama Devi income generating women group with the support of District agriculture co-operative federations technician.  Meanwhile, I had just reached near to the door to take some photograph most of the women started to stand from place altering the name of god but I didn’t realized why they were showing unerring behavior.

I was also so terrified that I went out suddenly.  Meanwhile the land surface started to rumble, then I realized it was earthquake and I know that in the time of quake we need to take the name of god. After coming out from co-operative building I looked everywhere. The weak houses were destroyed totally and the air was fully covered by dust. All the participants ran away towards their houses wondering what would have happened in their houses. I didn’t have a house there, so I wondered where to go.  At the same time I heard the outlays of people they were lamenting on the destruction of their homes but I had nothing with me except my camera.

I had left everything in building but after sometime I collected courage and dared to enter into the building and I took out my phone:  there was missed call from home.  Later on I tried a lot but could not contact my family members. I had little faith that, though the house is destroyed, nothing has happened to any one in my family. God might have saved my family keeping this thing in my mind with great patience I counseled other people. My phone rang — it was my sister calling  from Kathmandu.  I know including my sister all of my family members were okay then I feel some relaxed then immediately my colleague of Namlo Nepal Basanta Baral called me and asked how I was.  I almost cried but controlled myself and replied I was fine it  has helped me a lot no matter how far we were, he has really helped me a lot so I want to express my thank fullness to him.  

Then I call to home but couldn’t contact to home because the network was not clear and  mobile phones were destroyed  by earthquake then some time later call the phone in nearly neighbors only than brother and I know about my family.  My family  members were safe. I  think that the earthquake just destroyed my home, but safe my heart because I am a strong girl.  When I knew about my family and I am very happy and at the time movement soon coming night.

These days I and other people of Dhuskun were eat rice with curry then we were used to sleep in an open place all the night. About 50 people and I want to thank to villagers because they  helped me at Dhuskun.   I stayed there in village but many people died by earthquake about 5 people were missing. All the peoples prayed to  god to safe their lives, homes, animals and others.  All villagers feeling sad because many people died and destroyed home and all things.  Next morning the day of 13 many people died and the act or practice of cremating the dead, such bodies were carried to river bank by other peoples to burn the dead bodies. The peoples were not sufficient to carry all the dead bodies so I also help them to carry the dead bodies. As I helped them, the villagers  were many- many happy.. It’s new for all the villagers because the women don’t have right to carry dead bodies and to go to burn the dead bodies.

 We all were sitting at the bank of river and the dead bodies were burning continuously, suddenly another earthquake occurred so all the peoples were afraid of and  ran here and there on the bank of  river. Sometime after the mountain hills made a loud sound and sometime after the atmosphere was totally covered  by the dust. There was no electricity in village but I have little much back up on my mobile. Then I had a call from office and he asked about me and also said to take care and collect data of effected house and other things. This time I want to go home but there was  no transportation because all road were damaged by earthquake. I think when did not open road then I collected data and sent to office.

When I was in Sindhupalchok I am not weeping. I was feleing sad but I knew when a person  born in earth will die one day, so  we should adjust ourselves to do work in any condition. This reason I am very far to my home and my families but I did not weep. Many days passed but did not come house. When I collected a data of effected house, animals and others things. Many animal was died  but the goats which we distributed are totally safe. This time I am felling happy because our livestock program and distributed to women group 33 goats are totally safe in this time.  Here were all house  totally damage by earthquake and sometime after I got news  my village my house is damaged. I think was not only my house damage –  all Nepalese people lost their own homes and others things.

When open the road and I came to Kathmandu on 17 Baishakh. I reached Kathmandu  feeling happy.  The Next morning I went to home and to met my families. I am too happy. The houses were totally damaged at my village . After one day I came to Kathmandu and went to Mankha and  distributed relief materials and back to Kathmandu. I gave first priority to my office work because all the peoples were effected from earthquake so I like to support them first. Finally Namlo supported me for emergency food grains and clothes for my family.  I want to thank Namlo for relief  support. And I hope to get  next support to construct my permanent home.

Thank You.

Hira Maya Tamang

Agriculture Field Coordinator