Namlo Begins Relief Deliveries

This past weekend Namlo began relief operations, bringing much-needed food rations and other supplies to people of Sindhupalchowk and Tanahu Districts, with rations designed to last one month.    In Mankha, Namlo distributed rice, lentils, cooking oil, washing and bathing soap, towels and other hygiene items to 491 families in Mankha Village Development Committee (VDC).  In Tanahu, Namlo distributed corrugated iron sheet, rice, lentil, cooking oil, washing soap, mosquito nets,  mattresses, and hygiene items to 18 families of Tanahu district.   The distribution was organized in collaboration with community leaders, so as to avoid any potential confusion or conflict when the convoy arrived.  Everything went smoothly.Victims at VDC, Mankha

Namlo has identified 630 families (around 1960 people) who are in need of ongoing assistance in Mankha and Dhuskun VDCs, and we are now also gathering information about Yarmasing, which was one of Namlo’s first partner communities, where it has been reported that all the homes have been destroyed.  The photos from Mankha, show the extent ot the destruction that has taken place in that community alone.

Victims gathering to receive materials Victims at VDC, Mankha Unloading rice bags at VDC office Old building of school (2) NN President carrying materials Damaged homes Damaged home ward 2 Damaged home at ward 4 (2) Children playing on damaged home member house 16