Notes from the field: Nutrition survey 5

Here’s some correspondence from Dan Fenyvesi, M.S., R.D. who has been implementing the nutrition survey in the communities near Esteli, as part of establishing some baseline data to measure the impact of the greenhouses.  His notes document the joys and frustrations of putting together a survey with limited resources and challenging logistics, as well as personal views on nutrition.

IMG_5875We ended up going yesterday around noon and we just got back. It went well, we did 4 yesterday and woke up at 6 am and did another 9, so we hit 13, 50 in total.

The students are great but they were worn out but they voted to go anyways –   Rosario did a good job with surveys, I would say that I got to know Vicente much better than Rosario.   I felt like I worked very well with Vicente because we got to know each other pretty well via talking over meals and bus rides etc…He is a great guy, funny, interesting, skilled etc.

The trip has been so interesting, that whatever headaches (rough rides/nights, “management” stress, etc.) are minor in comparison. I am already thinking about how I can incorporate further work with NAMLO, find funding or partners or whatever I can. I do not know if I mentioned this but I grow up organic gardening, my father was avid org gardener, he wrote a column for the Washington Post for 20 some years on organic gardening and my brother founded and runs a small organic gardening school so it all felt very appropriate for me.

Regarding HDDS I can not seem to remember how El Quebracho compares, but yes I think of Las Palmas as considerbly wealthier than the Barrio Nuevo and Los Pinares. The relative wealth prevents some diseases of insufficiency but also promotes those of excess/chronic disease – really a perfect example of a classic dileama in nutrition. Barrio Nuevo had a few heartbreaking hard luck cases, I gave my shoes, socks, and a shirt or two to that pregnant single mom – if you know her, wow she could be a poster child for poverty/neglect/malnutrition.

Ok, hopefully I will make it back to Managua sometime in the next day or two at the most and I am going to set up time with Kenia to look at the data and the set up.