Namlo Earthquake Appeal

By now, you have probably heard about the devastating earthquake in Nepal, the tragic loss of life, the destruction of homes, roads, infrastructure and historical sites. This is the type of tragedy from which it will take Nepal years to recover…and the disaster is still unfolding.

Children look at what is left of their home

Children look at what is left of their home

As the hours, days and weeks pass by, the number of dead and injured will continue to rise, and there countless communities outside of Kathmandu from which there has been no contact, and communities that for all intents and purposes are cut off from help that is critically needed. These include communities such as Dhuskun, Yarmasing, and Sabhung, where Namlo has had a presence, building schools and sustainable communities over the years, as well as communities such as Mankha or Arunodaya where Namlo has just started to begin to work. We’ve just learned that there have been more deaths (1,300) in our communities Sindhupalchowk district than anywhere else in Nepal — including Kathmandu. This grim news requires us to take action today, and not wait for others to do what we can do best: working with communities to solve problems.

Destroyed home - Sabhung 2015While information from the field is very spotty, one thing is clear to me: the only help some of these communities will receive will be the help that Namlo can bring, with help from supporters like you. You can play a crucial role in our efforts.

We’re a small organization with a big heart, and the ability to make a huge difference with limited resources. When the landslide hit the Mankha area in Sindhupalchowk last year, we received donations to help Namlo mobilize the 33 members of the Dhuskun Women’s Cooperative to play a direct role in delivering urgent relief supplies in the affected communities that were literally down the road from them. Now they are the ones in need, and with your support, we can begin delivering relief supplies so they can help their community survive this ordeal.

In disasters such as these, the communities that are far from the center of action are frequently the last to receive help — sometimes not at all. We can’t let that happen. You, too, can be directly involved in the rebuilding process by helping us launch re-construction programs in our remote communities.

Yours in a Time of Urgent Need,

Keith Frausto

Executive Director
Namlo International

Nepal Earthquake Relief Drive