We are asking for donations to enable Namlo Nepal provide urgently needed food, water, and shelter for over 500 displaced people in Sindhupalchowk district, where Namlo has its operations.

We are looking to raise at least $6,000 immediately so that Namlo Nepal coordinators can purchase rice, lentils, cooking oil, potatoes, sugar, salt, utensils, plastic sheeting and the funds to transport these to Mankha VDC, the main area hit by the landslide. With your timely support, we can purchase these supplies in Kathmandu, hire a truck and transport them immediately to the ravaged area. Right now, displaced people are living in the open, without shelter and the potential for disease spreading is growing every day since bodies of the victims have not been collected or buried. So far, government efforts have been limited to trying to dislodge the earth rubble from the landslide to minimize the risk of massive flooding.

Please read Aruna Thapa’s urgent request below:


Keith dai today we had several phone conversation with Mankha VDC Sindhupalchwok district. We spoke with VDC secretary, Local District Officers and Locals as well.

The detail is as follow:

Due to heavy rain more than 100 households are completely destroyed whereas 50 houses are at high risk which may fall at time. Which means more than 150 families (over 500 individuals) became homeless and displaced. This flood became worse for Mankha VDC, Dhuksun VDC and Ramche VDC. Among them, Mankha mostly affected.

Till the evening government found 33 dead body of women, children and adults. Still 121 people are missing. Two hydro powers are completely destroyed. One secondary school named Shree Bansankhu Secondary School is also destroyed which directly affected more than 200 students who were studying in this school. Including one women’s community center, three private business, four vehicles are destroyed. We need to hire the helicopter or walk about 3 hours to reach at victim place because still the blocked river is not open properly. Even we do not know when the Kodari highway will repair and we can travel to Dhuksun.

Working committee says right now 500 people need help to survive. Now they need basic things like food, water, medicine, Tripal (to make temporary shelter). As soon as we can support its better. They asked to us if we can support this relief package within a one or two days its better otherwise people will start to die. Keith dai, we found as soon as we can support it make sense otherwise after a week it will be late.”

As you can see, time is of the essence. Namlo’s field team will be organizing a truck to bring these supplies starting tomorrow, and will oversee the distribution of supplies in Mankha with the help of the Dhuskun Women’s Cooperative. We will authorize Namlo Nepal to spend initial seed funding immediately for relief efforts, but we really need your help in raising the funds for the rest. Keep in mind that every dollar you raise will be matched by the Benito and Frances C. Gaguine Foundation!

-Keith Frausto

Executive Director Namlo International