Namlo Relief Supplies Arrive in Sindhupalchowk – More Needed

Women group is ready to carry the relief packages

The Dhuskun Women’s Cooperative are on hand to meet the Namlo Relief supplies

Namlo workers arrive in Sindhupalchowk

Namlo coordinators Aruna Thapa, Kanchi Sherpa and Basanta Baral at the landslide site

The first vehicle loaded with Namlo relief supplies for the survivors of the Sindhupalchowk landslide  arrived over the weekend. On their arrival, the Namlo team immediately noted the stench and foul odors that hung in the air. In Sindhupalchowk, Namlo’s team of Aruna Thapa, Kanchi Sherpa and Basanta Baral were met by relief officials as well as the Dhuskun Women’s Cooperative, who arrived to help distribute the supplies.

Bomb blasting to pass the water

Continued attempts to blast the debris and free the river

The government relief teams continue their work to blast away debris from the landslide to reduce the potential of further flooding, but there are very few details on numbers of displaced, their health conditions, needs and locations. There are the people who were displaced by the original landslide, but there is now an additional population displaced by the flooding and the threat of flooding.  Despite the lack of solid information, Namlo was able to meet with local government officials who readily welcomed the needed supplies of food, shelter, cooking utensils, and personal hygiene supplies.

Arranging relief supplies in Kathmandu

Arranging relief supplies in Kathmandu

Namlo’s contingent of women from the Dhuskun arrived from over an hours’ walk away to help in distributing the supplies to the needy.  Namlo coordinators returned to Kathmandu to arrange the next truck with supplies, and anticipate continuing this process for the coming weeks, until the health and safety of the displaced is secured.  For this reason, Namlo will continue to seek donations for this relief effort, until we know the situation has stabilized and the people are safe.

Ms. Aruna Thapa in meeting with President of Releif Committee

Namlo Country Coordinator meets with President of Relief Committee, Sindhupalchowk

Namlo Releif Packages on Truck 02