As Monsoon Season Begins, Namlo Shores Up Defenses


The torrential rains which monsoon season brings in Nepal are a constant threat to infrastructure in the country. For communities like Sabhung, their location on mountain plateaus makes them especially vulnerable to catastrophes such as mud slides, which result from sediment becoming porous on inclines due to heavy rains. In order to protect both the community’s and Namlo’ investment in the vocational center of Sabhung, a joint effort to build a retaining wall to protect the  vocational center was made before monsoon season started in June. Through diligent work and effort, the wall was produced ahead of schedule, leaving ample time for the structure to settle and better protect the vocational center which has become an integral part of the Sabhung community. Even this small victory bears testament to how dedicated the communities which Namlo serves are to improving their lives and the futures of their children.


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