A Tale of Success and the Bright Future it Brings


Meet Chenga Sherpa, a bright and accomplished young Nepalese woman and recent college graduate who now works for Poverty Alleviation Fund as a social mobilizer. Chenga is has also been a Namlo scholarship student since grade 6. Through a combination of her own hard work and support provided by Namlo, she was able to succeed beyond expectations and eventually receive her bachelors degree in management. In deciding to help her own country develop a brighter future, Chenga fulfilled the hope that Namlo has for every one of its scholarship students; that they will go one to make a difference in their communities, country and throughout the world.

Poverty Alleviation fund, a bilateral project of the Nepalese government and the Asian Development Bank, seeks to aid poor and disadvantaged Nepalese in addition to increasing socio-economic equity in Nepalese society. Through Chenga’s efforts, Poverty Alleviation Fund has continued to consolidate its efforts in rural towns such as Tatopani, a poor, remote community located in central Nepal, and roughly 4 km away from the Tibetan border.

Every year new stories like that of Chenga’s begin with a Namlo sponsorship. Many students who show clear potential to achieve academically cannot do so because of socio-economic predicaments which prevent them from regularly attending school in favor of supporting their family. Namlo’s scholarships provide them with a means to lighten the burden of endemic poverty, allowing for regular and meaningful participation in school. The results are students such as Chenga who not only defeat the obstacle of poverty, but are instilled with the principle of helping others and have the means to do so.

These students provide goodwill to others in their community because they have learned that even the generosity of someone they haven’t met can have profound impacts on the future of others. The donations provided to them by our partners and individual donors aid and inspire them to accomplish great things, and future generations of Namlo students will undoubtedly continue to do so with continued support. If you haven’t already donated to Namlo and its scholarship program, consider doing so today. You’re investment in a students future will be doubled dollar for dollar through matching grant with Benito C and Francis Gaguine, and stories like that of Chenga’s will continue to impact those who need it most.

To donate in a simple and easy fashion, simply go to our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/namlo.international , and click the “Donate” button next to our logo at the top. Your contribution  will make a difference in lives that need it most!