Report of 1st Namlo Day program organized on 13th May 2014

On the 13th of May, 2014, Namlo celebrated its 1st Namlo Day program with Shree Sarswoti Secondary School, Sabhung Tanahu Nepal. It was a special day for Namlo, the community, school team and Parents with whom we are working on school building construction, school enhancement and community development activities.

It was also a good opportunity to see the bond between the community and Namlo. The purpose of Namlo Day was to make the students, teachers, parents and community aware about the importance of the quality education being provided by the new school.

A Namlo team comprised of Ms. Sangmu Sherpa, Mr. Dipendra Johsi and Mr. Basanta Baral were special guests, and Mr. Durga Naryan Shrestha, the local Leader, was the chief guest. As part of program, the school invited satellite school headmasters, the management of the health center, local leaders, Teacher Parents Association, School Management Committee and all the members of the community. Many students participated in Namlo Day along with their parents, grandparents, and siblings.

The program was inaugurated when the Namlo team and school children lit candles, which symbolized a commitment to education. The the slogan for the day was “Getting an education means being capable, not just acquiring knowledge”.

School teacher Mr. Yog Nayaran Shreshta welcomed the guests. He also introduced the program, schedule and its objectives. The headmaster Mr. Parsu Ram Gurung gave a speech about the impact of Namlo’s support to the school, giving thanks to Namlo. This was followed by the secondary level students singing, “God Bless You Namlo.”. This song was composed and written by them.

After this, Mr. Bal Bahadur Thapa, Head Master of Shree Kamdhenu Lower Secondary School, shared his experience working with Namlo and how much the new two story school it had built impacted the community.

The girls from the lower secondary level continued the program by performing the ethnic Magar Dance. These dancers were dressed in traditional Magar dress, designed by the students.

On behalf of the Sabhung Micro Entrepreneurship Women’s Group, President Chanamati Shrestha gave a speech. She emphasized parenting for a better future. She also spoke about founding Namlo’s Adult Literacy Class, and training communities in business entrepreneurship . Being the mother of two daughters who study at the Sabhung school, this day was especially important to her. After hearing her speech we realized how far we have come in empowering women at a grassroots level. 

Along with other participants, Mr. Yam Bahadur Thapa, President of the Teacher Parents Association, also contributed his thoughts about the importance of quality education.

Certificates and rewards were distributed to 63 students for different categories of achievement, which included the top three students from pre-school to grade ten, Best in Discipline, Best in Attendance, Best in Volunteering, and Best in Sanitation and Hygiene. Mr. Priyanka Gurung, awarded for Best Discipline, shared her feelings after receiving the award. “ I feel proud to get this certificate and school bag. It really motivated me to study well and be good.”

The school team also gave a letter of appreciation to Namlo for its support. Mr. Dipendra Joshi, one of Namlo’s program managers, who also gave a speech on the purpose of organizing Namlo Day, and described Namlo’s activities in Sabhung. Along with Mr. Dipendra, Mr. Basnata Baral read a message from Mr. Keith Frasuto, Executive Director of Namlo International.

Ms. SunMaya Shrestha, President of the School Management Committee closed the program by giving thanks to Namlo and all participants.