Mother’s Day Greeting From Nepal


A mother, whose place cannot be replaced by anyone but everyone’s place can taken by a single mother. Today, on the auspicious occasion of International Mothers Day, we would like to expressed our hearty gratitude and Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers of the world. Mother has great role in our family and society. Everyone is more familiar with the role, importance and painfulness of a mother. In Our society, most mothers are compelled to live in the corner of the home. The situation of mothers in our society still painful and in shade. Our society has compelled them to think that their life is for giving birth, service to the husband and family members to nourish children.  It means that they are always under the control of their husband and family. So, talking about these situations of mothers, Namlo has been organizing different activities to support and improve the living standard of women and mothers. In addition, Namlo works with women’s groups and the community by providing them Adult Literacy Classes, Skilled Development Training, cultivating Cash Crops and Safe Drinking Water Projects to bring changes in their life. Our Dhaka Weaving Project became on the source of Income for women and mothers to fulfill their basic needs, to send their children to school, to provide Tiffin and school fees, and to pay medical expenses.


Ms. Gori Maya Nepali

Ms. Gori Maya Nepali, is one of the weavers in our weaving project. Her condition was poor before joined the Weaving Project. Her husband was an alcoholic. Her two children were deprived from education and they were suffering from lack of nutrition. After being involved in Namlo’s Adult Literacy and Weaving project, she started to make money for herself and for her children. Today her children go to school, get two times meal and Tiffin (lunch) as well. Now a smile has come to the face of Gori and her children. Her family is becoming stable in normal life.  In this context, we would like to salute our great mothers like Ms. Gori Maya who fought with poverty and was able to improve her quality of life. We are also thankful to our donors, friends and sponsors who are continuously helping us to work with these women to bring changes.


Happy Mother’s Day

means more than gold and gifts

?It means giving respect to you

It means loving you

Not for only today

It means always and always

You are not only my mother and my friend

You are my world

Not only today is your day

Every Single day is your day!