Meet Mr. Vivek Mishra: Award-winning Textile Expert and Namlo Nepal Board Member

Meet Vivekanand Mishra: Textile expert, entrepreneur, Namlo Nepal board member, and trainer, mentor and supporter of the Sabhung Women’s Microenterprise Cooperative. Mr Mishra is the closest thing you can get to being a rock star of the Nepalese textile world. With a degree in textile engineering, Mr. Mishra is a master of all aspects of textile production to the point where he received an award from the King of Nepal for his leadership in the textile industry. Here you can see him at the 25th Small Cottage Industry and Entrepreneurship Fair in Kathmandu, Nepal, held 17th April to 21st April 2014, receiving an award for the quality of his pashmina scarves.

Mr. Mishra receives an award from the King

Mr. Mishra receives an award from the past King

Mr. Mishra has been playing an invaluable role in helping to build Namlo by training the Sabhung Women’s Cooperative members how to weave dhakas, how to build weaving looms and dye their materials. When you speak with Mr. Mishra, he can explain how each dhaka or pashmina is made, what materials went into producing the product, what techniques were used, the dying process used the quality of the product. Last year, with volunteers from the U.S. he demonstrated to the Sabhung Women’s Cooperative how to dye their threads with natural dyes from plants and minerals.