Meet Namlo’s Project Coordinator in Nepal

ArunaAruna Thapa from Kathmandu, Nepal, joined Namlo in 2008 as our Project Coordinator in Nepal.  She has been working in non profit organizations for the past six years as project coordinator with a special interest in programs improving the lives of women and children. Aruna has a Master’s Degree in Anthropology and is currently finishing a Master’s Degree in Psychology.  She likes to work with children and women and says that “to help the people you don’t need to be a rich, you need helping attitude.”

In addition to completing her graduate studies and working with Namlo she is doing psychosocial counseling to street children as a Volunteer Counselor.

Aruna says, “Namlo is like an educational institution for me where I am learning and sharing knowledge and experiences with others.”

She is currently very busy implementing the programs for the Namlo Western Union adult education and community development grant and will be keeping us up-to-date with these projects here on the blog.