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Our Mission

To help people of developing countries help themselves through education and grassroots programs, while providing an opportunity for people in the United States to learn about global issues and experience the joy of helping others.

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Namlo Rural Nutrition Survey:  Nicaragua
Oct 05, 2015

Namlo Rural Nutrition Survey: Nicaragua

A Short Glimpse at Namlo’s Nicaragua Nutrition Survey – 2015

Nicaraguan boy with Greenpepper from Garden
Keith Frausto
Executive Director, Namlo International
Namlo International, Inc., has been implementing projects in Nicaragua since 2006, initially concentrating on school …

Follow this old, weird, tip!
Sep 30, 2015

Follow this old, weird, tip!

If you would like to help reduce extreme poverty in the world, follow this old, weird tip:

Donate to Namlo!

Celebrate over 15 Years of Building Sustainable Communities!




One billion people across the world live in extreme poverty, struggling …

In their own words:  Principal of Khamdenu Thanks Namlo
Sep 23, 2015

In their own words: Principal of Khamdenu Thanks Namlo

Shree Kamdhenu Secondary School.
From the past to date
A story of Success

Khamdenu Principal, Bal Bahadure Thapa

With the advent of democracy, by considering the necessity and importance of education among the people, in the active initiation of social worker and …

Nimia Melgara:  Greenhouse User
Sep 11, 2015

Nimia Melgara: Greenhouse User

Nimia Melgara of Los Pinares

Nimia Melgara has been a Greenhouse user from September of last year. ┬áNamlo has been tracking information from greenhouses users to be able to better understand how they are using the greenhouse, and what support they need in order to be successful. …