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Our Mission

To help people of developing countries help themselves through education and grassroots programs, while providing an opportunity for people in the United States to learn about global issues and experience the joy of helping others.

Recent News

Nicaragua mid-July Field Report
Jul 29, 2015

Nicaragua mid-July Field Report

By Eveling Giomar Lanuza Morales
This month we have conducted visits in 3 communities, including: Miraflor (Community: La Labranza), Telpaneca (Community: Los Pinares), San Juan de Rio Coco (Community: Barrio Nuevo) the goal was to visit four communities but Miraflor (Community: El Quebracho) was not visited, as the participating family has not yet planted in the greenhouse….

Recent Progress with Namlo’s Greenhouse Program
Jul 14, 2015

Recent Progress with Namlo’s Greenhouse Program

 Namlo Nicaragua June Monthly Report
Prepared by: Eveling Giomar Lanuza Morales, Namlo Nicaragua
In the month of June there were visits in 6 communities, in two separate stages, the first beginning on June 03 and ended on June 09, and the second from June 29 to July 3. The communities visited are: San Juan Rio Coco (Community: Barrio …

Witness to the Disaster:  Namlo Trip Report
Jun 18, 2015

Witness to the Disaster: Namlo Trip Report

Nepal Trip Report
June 1- 12, 2015


Prior to departure for Nepal there was a flurry of activity in response to the earthquakes, including transferring funds to Namlo Nepal ($93,000 to date), organizing deliveries to Sabhung, Mankha and Dhuskun, starting the Colorado Coalition …

Stories of the Survivors: Dhuskun, Nepal
May 27, 2015

Stories of the Survivors: Dhuskun, Nepal

To respond to the calamity caused by the high magnitude earthquake, Namlo is assessing the damages to the communities in its 2 program districts, out of the total 2 districts severely affected by the disaster. The rapid need assessment will provide basic information on the scale of loss to the Namlo supported communities in those districts….